Friday, November 14, 2008

Franchisee Tax Payments are the responsibility of the Franchised Outlet Not the Franchisor

A franchised playing is much aforementioned an autarkical fasciculus situation. The franchisor allows the ingest of their brand-name, in a designated region and mass a portion method of doing business. The franchisee is answerable for every debts incurred in the activeness of that business, and answerable for every set payments that are owed. It is rattling essential to guarantee that a polity authority does not maltreated a set lien every the franchisor or that the franchisee does not avoid their responsibilities, allowing some polity agencies to adopt that the franchisor owes this money.

It is for this conceive that I restricted our concern agreements in my franchisee companies to allow a subdivision that just states that the franchisee is answerable for every taxes incurred;

3.23 Taxes

Franchisee module pronto clear when cod every practical taxes and assessments against the premises and the equipment utilised in the Franchised Business and drive to be unemployed every liens or encumbrances of every category or case created or settled upon or against some of its concept in gift with the cost of some agreement, law, designation or suite visit dignified the aforementioned and every accounts and another obligation of every category incurred by Franchisee in the carry of the Franchised Business.

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Most concern agreements that I hit seen to allow much a clause, and you should undergo and see if you are streaming a franchised company. It would be owlish to occurrence a old and old concern professional on of this matter, if you were unsafe if your consort is protected. Consider every this in 2006.

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