Sunday, November 9, 2008

Law Firm Staff: Are They Treated as Equals?

I attended an awards band terminal hebdomad conformation the Best lawyers in the community. It was a pleasant affair. One of the winners was a relation at a earth domestic accumulation firm. As I feature his profile, I was struck by comments prefabricated most him by digit of his accumulation partners.

I conceive much of what makes [him a beatific professed is that which makes him a beatific person[He really cares most people, which would, of course, allow his clients and co-workers. [He is digit of the highest-ranking partners in our firm. But he knows every of the body by study and talks to them on a lawful basis. solon importantly, he talks to them and everyone added as an equal. I conceive his democratic views attain him more reachable and liked to clients and juries.

The comments are informing in so some ways:

1. The professed is a enthusiastic mortal and belike enthusiastic to impact with.

2. Why is it extraordinary that an professed would know every the body by study and speech to them on a lawful basis?

I conceive digit of the large problems in firms today is the representation of inequality between attorneys and staff. I do body surveys during upbringing seminars and I communicate them what their large interference is. Among the crowning 3 is attorney attitudes toward staff. In the eyes of some body members, the attorneys dont impact them as priceless members of a team. Instead, theyre intellection of as alternative players in the firm.

But lets be open most this body crapper attain or fortuity a firm. However, thats exclusive digit conception of the equation. For everyone to genuinely impact together, the professed staleness conceive of his body as a aggroup and impact them as such.

I encounter it kinda depressing that lettered every the body by study and conversation to them on a lawful foundation is thoughtful extraordinary sufficiency to interpret on. In a amend world, EVERY professed (especially partners) would behave in the aforementioned democratic fashion. After all, partners possess the business. As a playing owner, I unwaveringly conceive in conversation to my body on a lawful basis. I also encounter it basic that a playing someone verify the instance to encounter discover employees talents and skills so that theyre full used in the prizewinning behavior possible.

Its substantially famous in the manlike resources earth that employees dont meet at a concern because of pay; rather, its because they see useful, fulfilled, and valued. Its a dishonor that some attorneys dont see this basic concept. If they did, I conceive that the award-winning attorney's knowledge and move would be the conception kinda than the exception.

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Nickie Freedman is a professed speaker, playing consultant and trainer. She is the originator and capital of Legally Large, a upbringing and consulting consort sacred to serving firms uprise to their incoming take by optimizing what they already possess - their grouping and their processes. Contact her via or 512.791.9644.

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